With the pending snow the next couple of days, you may have questions regarding Township snow removal policies/procedures. That information is available on the Township Neighborhood Services (previously known as Department of Public Works) web page at

Please remember that some roads within Medford are State or County roads, and they are the responsibilities of those agencies to plow etc. Issues on those roads should be reported to those agencies. The State/County roads are identified on the above referenced web page, which also includes contact information for them.

The new Township website includes a Service Request system that provides online reporting of issues. One of the categories is snow removal issues. The Submit Service Request page is available from the Medford Township website homepage popular links side bar, or directly at Please be mindful that there are 150+ miles of roadway in Medford, not all roads can be immediately cleared – give them some time to get the job done.

There is good information/tips at the Ready Burlington County website (, and the Medford specific Ready page ( on preparing for storms, contact info for power companies in the event of need to report outages, and more…take a look.

  • If the weather predictions come true, Neighborhood Services will have a big job ahead.
  • Give them a break and give them room to do their job if you encounter them on the road.
  • With the forecasted amounts, if you don’t have to go out Tuesday morning, stay off the roads and let the plow trucks do their job.
  • Park vehicles off the roadway to facilitate plowing.
  • Take Monday to check and obtain essential supplies.
  • Remember to clear your walks for those on foot.

Be safe out there – stay off the roads if at all possible.

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