How do I get access to restricted pages?

Following the registration process, your registration must be confirmed as a resident of Medford Commons.  Once this has taken place, an email will be sent to you notifying you that your membership has been upgraded.  At that time, your login will grant you access to restricted pages.

Can I add calendar events and other content to this web site?

Yes!  We encourage you to submit articles, updates, and anything else you wish. If you are a confirmed resident, after you log in, your Dashboard will show all of the things you can add.  If you have rights, you will have a Calendar link, and if you have article publication rights, link for Posts will be there as well.  If you need assistance with using this interface, please contact us!

How do I get back and forth from the Profile to the Web Site?

When you are in your Profile screen, look at the very top left, you will see “Medford Commons Association” – click those words to go to the web site.  When you are on the web site, just click “My MCA Page”

What can I be fined for, and what are the fines?

Non-compliance with garbage, exterior structure, lawn/shrub, fencing, and other rules laid out by our By-Laws are subject to a $50 fine if compliance is not made after a warning has been issued by the Board. The fine continues to be assessed again each month the offense is not corrected. In the worst of scenarios, refusal by a Member of the Association to pay a fine and/or rectify the offending issue may result in a lien being placed against the Member’s property or properties.