Outdoor Storage By-Law Defeated

Three residents approached the Board regarding outdoor storage for trash and recycling receptacles. The Board reviewed logistics, dimensions, and content for an outdoor storage. The underlying principals for the drafting of a change to the By-Laws regarding outdoor storage were: non-encroachment on neighbor’s property; protection of future home owners of said encroachments; complete and permanent screening from view; eliminating increased risk of damage caused by animals.

A quorum was met for the vote and the proposed By-Law change was narrowly defeated by a vote of 34-33. Therefore, the Board will enforce the existing By-Law, which allows for fines when trash and recyclable containers are stored outside the dwelling.

Medford Township Brush Pickup – Update

The pickup of vegetative debris, or brush, left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy will begin this week. Residents are asked to move all brush curbside immediately and to avoid placing it under wires or low hanging trees. The Township has contracted with Ceres Environmental to remove and dispose of the brush along the Township right-of-way. Brush pickup is expected to begin within the next day or two in Zone 1 and will progress rapidly through the remainder of the zones. The contractor will be working during daylight hours, seven days a week and will only make one pass. Any problems or issues with the contractor should be reported to the Public Works Department at 609-654-2608, ext. 322.

The pickup of brush is separate and apart from the Township leaf collection program. Please follow previous guidance issued by the Public Works Department regarding the status of leaf collection.

For full details, view this message on the web.