February Draft Meeting Minutes


– 7:00 p.m. / Bob Meyer Building


Directors in Attendance: Robert Abplanalp, Charlie Conley, Jim Dequinto , Barbara Johnson, Dave Wiseman

Directors Absent: Mike Blakely, MaryJane Abplanalp, Ken Yankowski

Approved January 9, 2018 Minutes

Reviewed oral proposal from residents of 4 Farmington Court regarding conversion from oil to gas. Board indicated that a formal request needed to be made including evidence of permits from the town and indemnification of repairs that might be needed to commons property. In addition the Board informed the residents that adjacent property owners would need to be notified.

Approved the Treasurer’s report for January 2018. Dues are current for all but 4 properties and that a notice would be sent regarding past due fines. Board member Conley agreed to pursue with Public Service one of the nine bills which is higher than normal.

Architecture Committee agreed to submit dates for the annual home inspection and the next meeting as well as providing the names of non board members who would be part of the inspection teams.

Environment Committee submitted bids for grounds maintenance work that needs to be done in 2018 including the removal of gumballs, lake bush pruning, maintenance around transformers. Steele’s proposal of about $4,200 was almost 50 percent less than ProLawn Board. Board discussed proposals and subsequently approved Adam Steele’s proposal.

It was noted that while fees have been paid, our vendor had not yet filed the permits with the state regarding lakes treatment

Board approved removal of tree with partially uprooted roots behind 2&3 Longhill.

Board member Johnson agreed to pursue with resident at 10 Foxborough regarding a request to plant a tree near a location where a large gumball was removed. Resident is paying for the tree

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Next Meeting March 12, 2018

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