Depts of Public Works & Utilies Merged, New Director Appointed

At the March 4th, 2014 Township Council meeting, Medford Township Manager Chris Schultz introduced Charles “Charlie” Bosco as the Director of the newly formed Department of Neighborhood Services. This new Department will provide identical services as were previously provided by the Public Works and Utilities Departments. The Department of Neighborhood Services will, however, increase the ability of the departmental staff to coordinate amongst themselves so as to provide a more efficient service to the public without creating duplicative procedures.

As of March 12, 2014, Bosco and his department began operating out of the Neighborhood Services Facility, (the municipal wastewater treatment facility), at 18 Fostertown Road. The current email addresses are still in use; however their new phone number is (609) 654-6791. The Township Facility located on Commonwealth Drive & Gravelly Hollow Road will remain open and continue to function in its current capacity as the bulk trash and recycling facility for Medford Township.

Before moving to the Fostertown Road location, departmental staff were dispersed among various municipal locations causing operational inefficiencies to exist. Now, the staff will report to the same facility, coordinate in a centralized location, and increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

Given the resources available and considering fiscal prudence, Manager Schultz considered that if consolidated, the two departments would be able to maintain public works and utility services while increasing efficiency and output. The consolidation fits into a larger theme consistent with the municipal visioning process whereby progressive strategies are used in order to capitalize on existing resources judiciously, public money frugally, and smaller staffs efficiently.

The goal of the consolidation is to do more with less and streamline operations within the municipality as much as possible. While addressing the Council and the public, Director Bosco made clear that he was determined to “make it happen,” regarding the implementation of the departmental reorganization, and that he looks forward to progressing the department forward.

For further updates concerning the departmental service delivery, monitor the Township website ( as well as Medford’s official Facebook page (Township of Medford, NJ). Announcements from Director Bosco are forthcoming regarding efficiency operations, so stay tuned!

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