December 2015 MCA Board Meeting Agenda

Medford Commons Association Inc
Board of Directors Meeting
14 December 2015
Meyers Building

We invite any Member of Medford Commons to attend this open meeting. Please email if you are a non-Board member and wish to attend the meeting, so that we may ensure seating is available in our limited space.

  1. Election Of Officers
  2. Committee Assignments
  3. Executive Closed Session-(Insurance and Steele contracts)
  4. Meeting Reopens:
  5. Approval of November 6 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes (Action item)
  6. Treasurers Report (Action Item)
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Architecture
    2. Lakes
    3. Environment
      • Trees (Bartlett Report) – Action Item?
      • Contract action
      • Grounds
      • Meadowbrook Sign
      • Island Research Committee
      • Additional lighting
  8. Maintenance-Street light action taken
  9. Other
    • MVCC Contract
    • Other

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