Changes to Medford Trash Service

Medford Township has outsourced the weekly curbside trash collection.
Details of the change to outsourced trash collection are being finalized and will be mailed to all residents. Here is a general idea of why the change, and generally what the changes will be. Details will be forthcoming from the Township.

The contractor, Casworth Services, Inc., was chosen by a competitive bid in the fall, and will begin serving Medford Township on Jan 8, 2013.

Due to the fact that Casworth will complete all trash collection in Medford in 4 days each week vs the current 5 day collection schedule, there will be some changes to the collection schedule. The details of the schedule changes are being finalized by the Township, and will be mailed to all affected residents when they are completed.

The outsourcing was done to achieve cost savings for the trash collection operation.
Unfortunately, one down side of this is that there will be a reduction in the Department of Public Works force. A total of 4 DPW personnel will be affected. Other DPW personnel that will no longer be collecting trash will be reassigned to other DPW duties.

What changes/what doesn’t & added services/benefits:

-Casworth will collect trash using automated trucks similar to what Medford uses now, and residents will continue to use the same trash totes they have.

– Costs for trash collection will be known for the next for 5 years. The contract with Casworth is for 5 years, with minimal increases over the 5 years. Year 5 total cost will be only $4,080 greater than year 1. Tipping fees at the County Landfill are charged to the Township separate from the Casworth trash collection service fees.

– The contract with Casworth includes bulk trash collection twice per month at curbside. Bulk will be collected on Wed. Half of the town will have bulk collected on the 1st and 3rd Wed., the other half will have bulk collected on the 2nd and 4th Wed. The mailing to residents will identify which areas are collected on which weeks.

– Casworth will be collecting Christmas trees 2 weeks in Jan. Information will be in the Township mailer.

– Casworth will be using new trucks that run on compressed natural gas, so will be quieter .

– Hours at the Township garage (“dump”) will be reduced to the 3rd Saturday of each month, since there should be less need for residents to go there with bulk trash being collected curbside 2 times per month. And with the DPW reduction, the limited staff will be better utilized elsewhere than monitoring the garage yard. Details of times and limited other access for specific items will be provided in the mailing from the Township.

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