April 26th – Medford Commons Beautification Day

Come on out and converse with your neighbors – bring a rake, work gloves, a few large garbage bags and wear your Wellies! We’ll be gathering sticks / branches to put into piles for the township to pick up and raking those eight million gumballs up as well as pine cones, etc.
10am meet at the Lake 1 bridge on Barnstable Road
We’ll be having refreshments at the bridge – coffee and donuts for sure.
Bring kids, friendly leashed doggies and ride your bike! – DECORATE the bikes and the doggies – kids don’t need to be decorated but certainly if they’d like to dress up, we’d all love to see them!
Adam Steele from our new landscaping company Steele’s Landscaping will be on hand to advise folks about flowers and other plants that do well in our yards and flower beds. He might have some suggestions about the deer and what might discourage them. Just look for the guys in the khaki pants and royal blue shirts!
We’ll be having a “MEET AND GREET” (12 noon) of the talented and masterful Geese Chasers’ Border Collies used to humanely keep those pesky Canadian Geese off our walkways! Bob Young, and a couple of his beautiful dogs, will be with us to answer questions as to how they are trained and why they work! His dogs love to be petted and fussed over!
Custom printed tee shirts will be available on a first come first serve basis and while supplies last (since there’s no RSVP)…tee shirts provided by Detwiler Promotional Marketing!
Please join us for a few hours of fun and pride of all our homes. Thanks and we hope to see you on the 26th! Rain date – Sunday 4/27. By rain, we mean torrential downpours. If its misting or sprinkling, the show will go on!

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