Saturday Hours for Public Works Yard

Medford Township is proud to announce Saturday hours for the Public Works Yard located at 2 Commonwealth Drive. The yard is open every third Saturday each month from 8 am to 1 pm, excluding holidays. In addition, they have added additional dates from April through October, with the exception of August. The yard will be open as follows:

January 20th
February 17th
March 17th
April 7th and 21st
May 5th and 19th
June 2nd and 16th
July 7th and 21st
August 18th
September 8th and 15th
October 13th and 20th
November 17th
December 15th

Changes to the yard hours will be posted to the municipal website as needed on this page: ;

February Board Meeting Agenda

FEBRUARY 12, 2018
7 P.M.

1. Approval of January 9, 2018 Minutes

2. Tentative Item re: 4 Farmington Court conversion from oil to gas

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Architecture Committee including 6 Waterbury update

5. 2018 Budget for Adam Steele and non-mowing work to be done in 2018

6. Other Environmental Committee Items

7. Lakes Committee (Permit requests filed?)

8. Maintenance – Lighting

9. Potential Longhill Court tree issue

10. Request from C.Ciervo to plant a tree

11. Other