Road Repaving

This spring, Medford Township will be repaving Waterbury Court and Nantucket Court. This road work will be coordinated by the Neighborhood Services Department. Accommodations will be made for residents to access their properties during construction. However, temporary restrictions, closures, or delays should be expected. Consider making alternative parking arrangements if your road is to be resurfaced in order to avoid delays in entering and exiting your court.

Specific concerns or questions should be addressed to Neighborhood Services at 609-654-6791 or

Here is the complete list of repaving for 2017.

PHASE I (Spring)

-Hartford Road from Himmelein Road to Old Marlton Pike
-Waterbury Court
-Nantucket Court


-Jackson Road from Stokes Road to Tavistock Drive
-Old Marlton Pike from Muirfield Court to Jones Road
-Turtle Creek Drive
-Medford Mews Drive
-Corlen Court
-Woodthrush Trail East and West
-Townsend Court
-Mill Street
-Indian Spring Lane
-Pin Oak Court
-Iron Rock Lane cul de sac
-Sunny Jim Drive from Schoolhouse Drive to Indian Spring Lane
-Greenbriar Lane
-Pine Valley Drive
-Tavistock Drive
-Normandy Drive and Court
-Saxony Court
-Sherwood Court

April 10 MCA Board Meeting Agenda

April 10, 2017

  1. Approval of February 13, 2017 Minutes
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Architecture
    • Home Inspections
    • Draft of Sign Landscaping
    • Other
  4. Legal Matters
    • Jones Property (letter distributed to Board)
    • Redraft of Covenants
    • Other (Materials distributed to Board)
  5. Environment
    • Tree Issues
    • Wiring for Fountains
    • Brush et. Al
    • Other
  6. Lakes
    • Bubbler maintenance
    • Fountains for Lake 3
  7. Maintenance
  8. Insurance

MAY 8, 2017

Medford Township Answer to Snow Plowing Complaint

Recently the Medford Commons Board expressed displeasure with the quality of the snow plowing this winter. This was the response we were given.

“Thank you for your reply. I apologize that their performance was not satisfactory. My understanding from the language in the contract is that the contractor is only responsible for plowing the roadways and cart ways within each court. The contractor is not responsible for clearing the parking areas. I am not sure if the previous contractor did more than what they were responsible for in the past or not.

I will however speak with the contractor before the next snowfall to make sure they understand their responsibility under the contract and perform accordingly.”