Snowstorm 2/16 to 2/17

Due to the forecast for a significant snowfall through Tuesday morning; Medford Township officials are advising residents of the following service delivery interruptions:

Trash collection is still scheduled for normal pickup. However, please do NOT put containers on the road, as it affects our ability to plow. The snow may cause some delays in collection, especially on side streets and cul-de-sacs. If your collection is missed, please leave your container out for next day collection.Trash collection may also be postponed on Wednesday, dependent on the amount of snow received. Trash collections will not be rescheduled.

The Public Works Facility/Garage/Dump is closed tomorrow (Tuesday), as ALL personnel are being reassigned to snowstorm related efforts. There will be no bulk trash drop-off tomorrow morning.

Municipal Offices will be opening two hours late on Tuesday morning, February 17th.

The Cranberry Hall Senior Center is closed.

The Freedom Park Dog Park and Skatepark are closed.

Break-In in Medford Sunday Evening

I want to bring to your attention an incident that occurred in our town Sunday evening. Many of you may have already read about it or seen it on the news.

A home invasion and theft took place on Chief Massasoit Road (Trail) which is off of Church Road near Kirby’s Mill. We should all be aware of the necessity of constant attention to things and people that seem unusual.

Keeping our doors and cars locked, garage doors closed, our eyes open, and lights and alarm systems on is a great deterrent to any criminal activity. Chief Meder has always encouraged our citizens to help be the “eyes and ears” of the Public Safety Department. We do want Medford to be the best version of itself, and that begins with each of us. Safety must be a diligent and constant effort by all. There has been an excellent track record by our Police Department in keeping crime under control. However, complacency and disregard for safe practices can change that overnight if we are not careful.

This event only strengthens the imperative of the community wide initiative we have been discussing. Clean is good; but Safe is vital. If you represent constituents, HOA’s, or just have an interactive relationship with your neighbors, please get them engaged in public awareness and communication.

Leaf Collection Starting Zone 3 2/17

Zone 3 – your 2nd round is here. With the cold weather and snow, it may be slow going as they are unable to use the vac truck on frozen leaf piles, but will use other methods to pick them up.

All other Zones have been completed – any remaining leaves are the responsibility of the homeowners to have removed.

Please note that if brush is mixed in the leaf pile, leaves will not be collected.

Brush collection will be in the spring.

February Board Meeting Agenda

Medford Commons Association, Inc
Board of Directors Meeting
7 P.M. Meyers Building
9 February 2015

A. Approval of January Meeting Minutes
B. Correspondence
C. Home Inspection Form (Mike C.)
D. Fencing (Debi D)
E. Committee Reports

    1. Snow poles
    2. Ice Conditions Woodmont /Westfield
      1. Possibility of adding a retention basin/swale
      2. Change snow plowing route (Town first and if that does not work, then us)

      3. Other Alternatives
  3. LAKES
    1. Ice skating sign-INSTALLATION
  6. OTHER
    1. Insurance Audit
    2. Tax Return

Next Meeting 9 March 2015